Photovoltaic resource analysis

This service offers a calculation of the annual energy yield and production of a solar plant. Our experts use different tools to perform these tasks. We use various meteorological databases to determine the optimal operating conditions of the project, advising possible improvements to our clients. We perform this type of analysis in less 48 hours from the formalization of the order.

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Basic project

It focuses on conducting an in-depth investigation based on the profitability of the photovoltaic project that is want to be carried out. The study concentrates capacity tests of energy production and comparisons with contractual design standards.

Viability Study

Using the previous Solar Resource and Basic Project data, we carried out the technical and economic feasibility study of each project. This process is usually iterative since we can present options to the promoters of the project to optimize it.

Topography and geotechnics

Our team of geologists has more than 25 years of experience in geotechnics applied specifically to structures and solar trackers. We determine the needs by zones in a reasonable way to optimize the implementation costs.

Connection point request

With all the data and previous studies we carry out all the procedures before the electricity companies and public administrations for the request of the connection point of the photovoltaic projects.


Once the connection point has been granted and the conditions of the connection are known, we take care of the management and realization of everything necessary so that the project can pour the energy into the network. If necessary, we also carry out the complete engineering of the electrical substation.

Due Diligence

In case that the client wishes to acquire a project or have one previously carried out, we perform all the technical and economic analyzes of said project.

Detail engineering

Once the connection point has been granted, we carry out the complete design project of detail and execution of the same. This project includes civil, mechanical and electrical engineering (both Low Voltage and Medium and High). We can carry out this project adjusting to the laws and conditions of each country.

Purchase of main equipment

In the case where we do not carry out the construction of the project (EPC), we can advise and perform the purchase of the main equipment for the promoter to separate them from the material execution of the project (Balance of System - BoS). With this we get additional savings to our customers thanks to more than 15 years of experience in the industry.

Construction management (EPC)

We integrate ourselves into the organizations of our client promoters, configuring ourselves as their particular engineering. In this sense we manage and supervise all the activities necessary for the project to be built in time within the established conditions.

Quality Control

The Arconi Solutions team has years of experience in the quality control of soal plants and all their components. We perform the necessary tests and measurements for the project. On the other hand, generating all the necessary documentation for the various actors of the project.


We take care of the integral management of photovoltaic assets, through knowledge and experience, participating in the engineering, procurement, logistics and project management of the photovoltaic industry.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

We evaluate and perform the tasks of preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance necessary for the optimal operation of the solar plant. Our policy, monitoring and analysis continued with the most modern software tools (many of them developed by us) help us to identify problems, even before they occur.

Asset Management

We take care of the integral management of photovoltaic assets once they have been launched, through monitoring, knowledge and experience, we provide solutions that reduce risks and consolidate production, optimizing it within the parameters of the project.

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