Construction phase

Detailed Engineering

Once the connection point has been granted, we carry out the complete design project of detail and execution of the same. This project includes civil, mechanical and electrical engineering (both Low Voltage and Medium and High). We can carry out this project adjusting to the laws and conditions of each country.

Procurement Management

We manage the purchase of the components of the photovoltaic projects. We provide solutions to contractual conditions to reduce the risks and costs of our customers.

Logistics Management

We manage and supervise the logistics of all materials and components from the factories to the location of the project. We coordinate these tasks to reduce risks and costs to our customers. Our team, with more than 20 years of experience, helps the success of the projects.

Quality Control

We perform all measurement tasks in the field, post-process and analysis, comparing them with the specifications established by the manufacturers, the engineering of the project and the contractual conditions.

Construction Supervision

We integrate ourselves into the organizations of our client promoters, configuring ourselves as their particular engineering. In this sense we manage and supervise all the activities necessary for the project to be built in time within the established conditions.