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Development Phase


This service offers a calculation of the annual energy yield and production of a solar plant. Our experts use different tools to perform these tasks. We use various meteorological databases to determine the optimal operating conditions of the project, advising possible improvements to our clients. We perform this type of analysis in less 48 hours from the formalization of the order.


Using the previous Solar Resource and Basic Project data, we carried out the technical and economic feasibility study of each project. This process is usually iterative since we can present options to the promoters of the project to optimize it.


It focuses on conducting an in-depth investigation based on the profitability of the photovoltaic project that is want to be carried out. The study concentrates capacity tests of energy production and comparisons with contractual design standards.


We perform analysis, adaptation to new environmental conditions and optimization of existing projects. Based on our experience, our work causes important savings due to the optimization of existing systems, designs and calculations.


Our team of geologists has more than 25 years of experience in geotechnics applied specifically to structures and solar trackers. We determine the needs by zones in a reasonable way to optimize the implementation costs.


Hhe study of the movement, distribution and management of water is key to avoid washouts and to ensure the longevity of the photovoltaic plant. In this study surface water and groundwater data is evaluated applying statistical methods to the empiric data. The result are assessments of how often relatively rare events will occur, such frequency provided in terms of the return period of such events.

Civil engineering

This study encompasses the analysis of the existing ground conditions which are defined by the existing land plot and may show vegetation, rock, different layers,.. resulting in the topography and the alternatives how to transform the existing conditions into the preferred target conditions while minimizing ecologic impact and cost. It includes the planning of infrastructures like internal roads or foundations, but –if required- it may also feature a Earth movement plan which targets minimum movements to reduce gradients or smoothen sharp turns.


We carry out the complete engineering of electrical substations, from the initial design phase to electromechanical and electrodynamic calculations, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical assembly. We also carry out the purchase of the components and the start-up and final delivery to the client.


With all the data and previous studies we carry out all the procedures before the electricity companies and public administrations for the request of the connection point of the photovoltaic projects.


Once the connection point has been granted and the conditions of the connection are known, we take care of the management and realization of everything necessary so that the project can pour the energy into the network. If necessary, we also carry out the complete engineering of the electrical substation..