We generate affordable
and quality energy, anywhere.

ARCONI designs, supplies, installs and operates standard energy systems from 8 to 100 kWp or more, in addition to rural electrification (grid) projects that provide sustainable energy. Thanks to our experience, we are capable of generating isolated energy, connected to the grid or hybrid systems anywhere in the world.

We also offer solutions for projects adapted to the needs of each location and client: number of photovoltaic modules, batteries, the need of diesel generators, connection to the existing electricity grid, etc. are determined in each case.


These systems generate energy from photovoltaic modules, and are connect to the network to supplement this generation when there is no sun. In addition to reducing the cost of consumption, these devices filter electricity when there is poor network quality.

Ideal for factories, companies and homes.


Isolated systems generates energy from the sun without being connected to the electricity grid. Its design may include batteries, or even a diesel generator, which allow its uninterrupted operation for days.

Ideal for feeding communications antennas, schools, houses, community buildings, mining operations, etc.


The mini-grid systems generate energy from renewable sources and are also complemented by batteries, diesel generators and other generators. ARCONI designs, supplies and installs an electric network around it in order to distribute the energy generated between different points of consumption.

These systems provide energy to villages or agricultural and industrial farms located in remote areas. They are the ideal substitute for diesel generators, producing clean and cheap electricity.


Hybrid systems are composed of one or several characteristics of those mentioned above.

ARCONI develops these systems to be used both connected to the network and isolated, offering different possibilities of hybridization:

  • BATTERIES: They ensure continuity in the supply in the short-medium term according to the needs of the client.
  • DIESEL GENERATOR: It offers a guarantee of electricity supply in the medium and long term.
  • DISTRIBUTION NETWORK: possibility of connecting the photovoltaic generator, with batteries, diesel generator or both, besides, it allows to manage the consumption and to be able to filter it to the network.

Standard Systems Solutions

(*) Battery capacity, diesel generator power and operating time are set to meet the requirements of our customers. We tailor our systems for each project.

Ad-hoc Solutions

In addition to the standard solutions we offer, we can develop energy systems adapted to the needs of our customers.