Custom designs for each project

Since 2007 we have been working on the design, manufacture, marketing, supply and assembly of structures and solar trackers.

We are currently focusing on the design and manufacture of fixed structures, seasonal tilt structures, parking shelters and floating photovoltaic systems for photovoltaic projects. We have several models that are selected for each project depending on the climate conditions of the particular geographical area, the applicable regulation and the conditions of each project, optimizing the production and the LCOE of each plant.

We bet on the innovation and continuous development of new solutions, optimizing the structures, profiles, joints and systems for fixing them.

Fixed Structures

The design and supply of these fixed structures are made according to the mechanical and electrical requirements of the project. They can be adapted to different types of foundation: embedded profiles, micropiles, in-situ footings, etc.

Seasonal tilt structures

Our line of EQUATOR structures (patent in process) increases production up to 10% in locations that are close to Ecuador with the same cost. These structures have a fixed inclination that changes every 6 months.

Horizontal Single Axis Trackers (HSAT)

We work with Horizontal Single Axis Trackers since 2009. We may advise you on selection and engineering of HSAT. The production obtained by the HSAT can suppose up to 40% more than a structure with optimal inclination.